Powerful and Professional Technology

Metastage's tools and pipelines allow world building at the highest level of realism.

Our technology systems allow a pop artist to perform on a star for thousands of fans worldwide. It enables best-in-field subject matter experts to educate thousands of students in an immersive and interactive way. It opens up cost-effective and creatively expansive virtual production workflows for film and TV production.

Volumetric Capture

We use an end-to-end system that begins with performance capture and delivers a high fidelity yet highly compressed 3D asset.

We start with an array of 106 machine vision cameras arranged around a performer, creating a “capture volume.” With cameras recording from every possible angle, people can speak, dance, sing, and be their authentic selves on the stage, and the cameras will capture it.

Our processors transform raw data from 106 cameras into a versatile holographic asset using Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios software.

The process combines IR and RGB information with silhouette data to ultimately generate mesh and texture sequences. The data then undergoes several more phases of temporal smoothing, keyframing, and compression encoding to generate the final asset, a small yet powerful .mp4 file, which can be integrated into 3D pipelines with native plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine, and into VFX pipelines for virtual production.

Key Benefits
Environment Scanning

High resolution LiDAR scanning enables us to digitally recreate real world environments for virtual pipelines.

Historical preservation, enterprise training for location-specific skill building, accurate buildout visualization, or immersive storytelling with real world landscapes – LiDAR environment scanning is a versatile tool in building innovative XR experiences through our physical world.
Key Benefits
Motion Capture

Industry leading motion capture system for virtual performances.

We have multiple ways of extracting motion capture data, which can be used to animate static assets. Motion capture also serves as a tool for tracking props during volumetric shoots for easy CG replacement in post production. Time with talent is valuable – Get everything you might need in a one stop shop. 

Key Benefits
Metastage App

Augmented Reality Mobile App for viewing holograms.

Key Benefits
Part showcase platform, part production tool, the Metastage app allows for any holograms captured at our studio to be viewed instantaneously in AR. Take pictures or video of holograms in any environment!

Want to learn more?

We offer metaverse consultations and host in-depth development discussions with you to help find the most cost-effective route to bringing your vision to life.